About Us

Why Children’s Dentistry? Out of all the dental practices in Wenatchee, Washington, why should you depend on us? One central reason: We form long-term, trusting relationships with our patients.

What Makes us Different

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Every member of our staff loves what we do. From the moment you and your child walk through our doors, you’re greeted with a friendly smile and a welcoming handshake. We love meeting new patients and saying hello to our regular visitors. Our patients and their parents love it too, because we take the time to get to know everyone personally.

We know that you value your child’s oral health — we do too. That’s why you trust their care to a team that has proven its dedication to patient welfare above all else. We are open communicators, fully informing parents of all important details and patiently explaining tooth care to our young charges.

We Believe in Prevention

Our philosophy is centered around prevention. We teach children and parents the most effective methods of brushing and flossing so that your children can practice proactive dental care at home. Both parents and children must be active participants in furthering oral health.

When children work at keeping their teeth cavity-free, they’re rewarded and encouraged to keep up the good work. They may even start to get excited about brushing and flossing, since they know they have a team behind them that supports them 100 percent.

Prevention involves more than just brushing and flossing. We offer parents the option to get sealants for their children and fluoride treatments that help prevent tooth decay. Every recommendation we make is focused on enriching your child’s oral health. We understand the parent’s desire for affordable treatments with long-term value, which is exactly what we provide.

We’re High-Tech

We use the latest digital X-ray technology to diagnose and treat problems at their earliest stages. We offer wireless internet that our guests can access during their children’s dentist visits. You can sign up to receive email and/or text message notifications for any upcoming appointments so you don’t miss a visit. Even better, you can log in to our site and view your patient profile any time you like.

We Are Your Neighbors

We love serving the Wenatchee, Washington, community because we are one of you. Supporting youth sports, school events and community fundraisers are activities we participate in because we love seeing our patients and families excel in all areas of their lives.

Visit Children’s Dentistry for a pleasant experience, and leave with a healthy smile that won’t quit. Call today to speak to one of our team members and learn more, or to make an appointment for your first checkup.