The Smile Team


mistyI am a Wenatchee native and love working in a childrens denitist office that feels like family. I have worked here since 1999, and am totally dedicated to our practice. I love working with children and their families. Working with children at Dr. Cara’s office is just good, honest fun! “Straight from the mouth of babes” creates laughter for everyone. I also appreciate all the wonderful ways our office reaches out to the community – it is truly a beautiful thing! Being a part of our caring team has given me many friends, and it is truly a feeling of family. At home, I have two children named Wyatt and Kolton along with a dog, cat guinea pig, fish and two hermit crabs. We love the outdoors so you might see us camping, fishing or out on the water.


pattiIn our Wenatchee childrens dentist office, no two days are ever the same. I love working with children because there is always lots of high energy and laughter! I have been with Dr. Schroeder since 2001, and I have been in dentistry since 1996. The lives that I have touched on a daily basis have enriched my life and I hope that I have made a difference in the lives of the children that have trusted us with their dental care. My family includes my husband, Bob, my daughter, Jennifer, and son in-law Andy, and my very sweet and active grandson Matthew.



jeniceI love making people feel welcome and special when they come into our kids dentist office. It is also important to help children feel at ease and comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. Kids are great and they love to share their lives with someone who will listen. My profession helps children have excellent dental care and gives them beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. My husband is Tom and we live in East Wenatchee and have three children named Aubrey, Rachel, and Josh, plus one puppy, Ollie!



marjeanAs a member of this fun Wenatchee kids dentist team, I love what I do because I get to laugh every day in my job. The kids we work with are wonderful people who teach me new things every day. I love taking care of them and making sure they always get the best care possible. I have been working in this practice since 1997, and have loved every minute of it. In my spare time, my husband and I love visiting our two children and my adorable grandchildren Maveric, Simon, and Journie!



My passion for dental hygiene comes from being able to educate children and teens on prevention of decay, and giving them the tools they need to be in control of their dental future. I was exposed to excellent dental and orthodontic care as a child (I am a former patient of Dr. Cara’s wonderful Wenatchee kids dental office!), and it sparked my interest in the dental field. I pride myself on the ability to administer painless injections, allowing me to keep a child’s experience and outlook on dentistry positive. It is very rewarding to see children smile after their appointment. When I’m not working, I am usually as home having fun with my husband and our three children, Lucas (2 years), Delilah (7 years) and our newborn Liam. My husband Carlos and I enjoy home improvement projects, playing soccer, reading books with our children, as well as spending time with our family and friends.


janetDental assisting is rewarding, and working with children and seeing them grow is even better. I love making every visit here a positive experience, like the one I had as Dr. Cara’s patient. Our whole team of professional and caring ladies love what we do, and we’re good at it! We each have a fun inner child, which helps us connect with the patients. was born and raised in Wenatchee and I love it here. After work, you might find me teaching a Zumba class, listening to music, shopping for fashion, enjoying the outdoors, or spending time with my husband Gessner, friends, and family.


shelleyMy role as our new patient coordinator and dental assistant makes me feel like I am making a difference in kid’s lives. I love watching the timid kids coming into our office and then overcoming their fears. I also enjoy watching our patients grow up – starting to come to us as babies, then growing up with us. There is always laughter in our office and we love being positive and rewarding our patients like with our new “Smile Rewards” program. We are not just a team, we’re a family. I’m a native of central Washington and have lived in Wenatchee for 16 years. I have a great family – my husband David, daughter Brittany and son-in-law Shane, my grandson Jonathan, sons Jordan and Caleb and Hannah, the baby of the family. We also have a dog, Millie. Traveling and scrapbooking are two things I enjoy when not working.


paulaMy job gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love meeting so many nice people every day. Our patients still crack me up with the funny things they say even after 24 years, they represent new ways to look at life. Our Wenatchee kids dental team is amazing and caring. Our office environment is all about fun. I love to hear the giggles when the kids see themselves in the “wacky” mirror. I’m a native of Wenatchee and love cats because they are fun, predictable, and purr when they are happy. In my free time I enjoy music and being involved with my church.



lisaI love what I do because I get paid to play! Not many people get to come to work and get to meet and visit new friends, and help them live healthier lives. I have worked for Dr. Schroeder’s Wenatchee childrens dentist office since 2001, and enjoy being part of such a talented and friendly team. If you want a place to bring your children where they will be treated like you would treat them, come see us! At home, I have three great children named Mikey, Grace, and Sophia.



My profession means the world to me. I truly wake up every morning and LOVE everything about being a dental assistant. I love teaching our patients how to take better care of their beautiful smiles and working with a wonderful dental team. I would not trade it for anything, as it makes me a happy person. I have been a dental assistant for over 12 years and every year it just gets better. Our kids dentist office is awesome and we do our best to make every visit fun and positive. I have lived in Wenatchee since I was eight years old and am married to Elias. I have a son, Javier and daughter, Beyanca, but no pets. When I’m not working you can find me hiking, shopping, spending time with my family or volunteering at my church.


ruth-webRuth is the newest member of the Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee Smile Team. She loves interacting with each patient and teaching them how to improve their dental hygiene. She enjoys being a part of our upbeat team and learning new skills with coworkers who are kind and fun loving. Her favorite part of the job is helping kids conquer their fears and making them feel safe at the dentist office. Ruth grew up in Quincy, WA and is married and a mom of two energetic kids.



darci-webI love working at Children’s Dentistry in Wenatchee. The best part is the interaction with the kids. Kids are so much fun, playful and say the funniest things. They make me smile.I have worked in dentistry for over 12 years and my goal every day is to create a positive dental experience. I get the most satisfaction out of helping those with dental anxiety through their treatment. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons going boating, camping and mushroom picking. Other hobbies include reading, traveling, baking and basking in the sun.

Dr. Mark Bottorff

dr_-mark-bottorff-photo1Dr. Mark is an office based anesthesiologist. His gentle manner and caring approach help children of all ages feel comfortable in his care. He puts children at ease by building an instant rapport with them. Dr. Mark has a wife and two sons. In his free times he enjoys the outdoors with them.



Tooth Fairy

tooth-fairyTooth Fairy is a friendly, magical princess who spreads her fairy magic all over. If you lose your tooth she will come and leave you a special surprise. She is full of joy and tells boys and girls how to keep their smiles sparkling. If you are lucky she will spread some sparkle dust on you reminding you to keep your smile shining bright. (You might see her in our Wenatchee kids dentist office for a surprise visit!) Believe in the Tooth Fairy. She believes in YOU.


Schroeder Bear and the Children’s Dentistry SmileBugg

schroeder-bearSchroeder the Brushing Bear is a huggable, lovable bear who reminds you to brush and floss every day. He is always happy and loves to dance, especially to brushing songs. Schroeder Bear thinks you are never too young or too old to get a great, big bear hug! You might see him around town giving hugs and high fives to children and adults of all ages. The SmileBugg is the #1 ambassador of fun and smiles at Wenatchee Childrens Dentistry! The SmileBugg is always on patrol for smiles, spreading cheer wherever it goes. It reminds us to keep a happy attitude by spreading smiles, joy, and laughter wherever you go. When you see the SmileBugg’s colorful, sparkling smile be sure to wave, say “hello!”