Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen to even the most careful children. In the hustle and bustle of a child’s life, tooth trauma can happen while playing at the park or competing on a sports team. While it’s never a pleasant experience when a tooth is broken, loosened or knocked out, the team at Children’s Dentistry can help find a resolution.

Dental Emergencies Are Serious

Tooth trauma is a real emergency. Whenever one of your child’s teeth is damaged, even a baby tooth, it’s vital to have them examined by a dentist right away. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that the tooth will be saved.

Children need their baby teeth — they help guide the development of adult teeth and help them chew their food thoroughly. Regardless of whether it’s a primary or secondary tooth that has been hurt, any damage can open the door for bacteria. To avoid infection, your child needs to see a dentist right away.

What You Can Do

If the tooth has been shattered, pick up as many pieces as you can and place them in a cup of milk or your child’s own saliva. Have them bite down on sanitary gauze on the way to our office.

If the tooth was loosened but didn’t come out of its socket, have them bite down on gauze to keep it secure on your way to the appointment.

If the tooth was knocked out, pick it up by the crown and try to put it back in place. If the root was damaged or dirtied, skip this step and just put the tooth in milk or saliva. You have a short window of time in which it’s possible for the tooth to be preserved, so call our office right away and explain the problem.

What We Can Do

We are prepared to respond to dental emergencies, and we understand the urgency of the situation. Our first objective is to clean the area, making sure all traces of bacteria are removed. This will prevent infection and any further harm to the jaw, gums and surrounding teeth.

Next, we do everything in our power to make sure your child’s natural tooth stays intact. Depending on the extent of the injury, we may be able to piece the tooth back together. If not, we have multiple dental restoration options to keep your child’s smile complete, such as crowns or bridges.

Dental emergencies may be scary, but our team stays calm in a crisis. We help relieve your child’s pain and keep our patients relaxed while we evaluate the situation, then quickly treat the injury. Get immediate help for all types of tooth trauma and dental emergencies — call Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee, Washington, today.