Dental Restorations

Dental restorations help repair damage done by cavities. Your child deserves a healthy, whole smile ,and we provide a range of treatments that will help keep both baby and adult teeth ready and able to chew. Cavities may be uncomfortable for your child, but we can painlessly remove the damage and provide a permanent fix, helping their mouth feel normal again. What type of restorations are right for your child?

When Are Fillings the Right Choice?

dental restorationsThe sooner cavities are treated, the better. If we can spot tooth decay at an early stage, a filling may be all that’s needed. We clean out the decayed area and give you options: metal, porcelain or composite material.

While metal fillings may last longer, a filling that looks like a natural tooth is a good choice for teeth that are closer to the front of the mouth. We will help you make the right decision and choose restorations that best maintain your child’s health and appearance.

We expertly place the filling in one appointment. Your child’s tooth may be sensitive or sore for a few days , but before they know it, all the discomfort they felt from the cavity will be gone.

When Are Crowns Needed?

Sometimes, tooth decay extends too far into the tooth structure to make a filling realistic. When fillings take up too much space in a tooth, it can cause the remaining natural parts to break apart. In this case, a crown may be the better option for restorations.

Crowns are placed on top of the natural tooth, fully enclosing the parts remaining after the decay has been removed. The crown is designed to look just like the natural tooth.

Whether your child needs a filling or a crown will depend on the extent of the decay, the chewing load of the tooth and its location in the mouth. Our team will conduct a full assessment before deciding on restorations. We will consider all the pros and cons, including the cost-effectiveness of each option and how it may affect their long-term dental health.

Our Restorations Help Your Child Thrive

Restorations don’t begin and end with fillings and crowns. Whether extractions or any other procedure , we’re well-prepared to handle every challenge in order to ensure your child’s mouth is in the best shape possible for his or her comfort and development. Our goal is to help your children keep all of their teeth in good working order. Effective chewing is an essential part of digestion, and strong teeth facilitate jawbone growth and proper alignment.

Trust Children’s Dentistry for dental restorations that are cost-effective, sensible and beneficial for your child’s well-being. Make an appointment with our office today and find out more about how our dental restorations can help.