Dental Sedation

Picture your children leaning back in the dentist’s chair, relaxed and comfortable while we clean their teeth, fill cavities and treat any other oral health issues they may have. Wouldn’t it make you happy to know your child is pain- and stress-free while they spend time at the dentist?

At Children’s Dentistry, we utilize dental sedation to make this a reality. Sometimes children are so overwhelmed and anxious that not even a friendly smile can calm them down. Using safe medications and techniques, we depend on dental sedation to help them (and you) get through the appointment with as little fear as possible.

Who Benefits from Sedation?

dental sedationChildren who need extensive dental work may not be able to sit still for the necessary period of time. Dental sedation allows our team to complete treatment without interruption, ensuring they get the best care we can give. Children with developmental challenges and special needs may also benefit from dental sedation.

If your child expresses excessive nervousness and trepidation about their dental appointment, remember that Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee offers this service to everyone.

Your In-Office Options

We offer three different dental sedation methods. First, nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is a popular choice. Your child will breathe oxygen and nitrous oxide, quickly relaxing within a couple of minutes. They won’t go to sleep — they will be fully able to communicate throughout the visit. It’s a milder sedative option and it’s been safely used in the dental setting for years.

Oral conscious sedation is the next option. Once the medicine is administered, children usually become drowsy or fall asleep. We take great care to help them through the procedure, no matter their reaction to oral conscious sedation.

In-office general anesthesia is the final option. We don’t recommend this form of sedation until we have completed a full assessment of your child’s overall health. If we take this approach, our anesthesiologist puts the patient under sedation and monitors him or her throughout the procedure while the dentist completes treatment.

If general anesthesia is necessary but conducting it in the office isn’t possible, we can schedule treatment at Central Washington Hospital. Whatever your child’s needs, we have solutions.

We Aim for Smooth, Uneventful Visits

Whatever the course of action, we view dental sedation as a way to keep your child’s experience at our office pleasant and uneventful. Your child’s nerves will not get in the way of dental treatment when you trust Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee, Washington, to help. Learn more about the process when you call and speak to one of our trained, experienced dentists — we’re happy to answer all of your questions.