Dental Treatments

All the dental treatments offered at Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee, Washington, are designed to improve and enhance your child’s oral health. Through our years of dedicated practice, we have found that the best results come from a comprehensive approach. Preventive fluoride treatments strengthen tooth enamel, regular exams and cleanings give us a chance to spot problems early, and gentle, compassionate restorations help repair decay.

The dental treatments we provide our patients are administered to either prevent problems, maintain good oral health or address specific issues. As your child grows and develops from infancy through childhood and the teen years, make sure you have a caring partner on your side: Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee.

If your child is suffering from tooth decay or has never seen a dentist, the sooner you make an appointment, the more effective dental treatments will be. Call our office today to book a time that fits your schedule.

  • Exams & Dental Cleanings

    Exams and dental cleanings are central to comprehensive oral health care — they’re regular maintenance that nobody should go without. At Children’s Dentistry, we want to periodically look at how your child’s teet ...

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  • Dental Sedation

    Picture your children leaning back in the dentist’s chair, relaxed and comfortable while we clean their teeth, fill cavities and treat any other oral health issues they may have. Wouldn’t it make you happy to know yo ...

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  • Digital X-Rays

    We believe in taking advantage of all the latest technology so that we can elevate the level of dental care your child receives. That includes using digital X-rays to spot problems so we can recommend treatment as early ...

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  • Fluoride Treatments

    Fluoride treatments can drastically improve your child’s oral health. At Children’s Dentistry, we do everything we can to prevent cavities from destroying baby and adult teeth, because both are important for your chi ...

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  • Dental Restorations

    Dental restorations help repair damage done by cavities. Your child deserves a healthy, whole smile ,and we provide a range of treatments that will help keep both baby and adult teeth ready and able to chew. Cavities may ...

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  • Dental Emergencies

    Dental emergencies can happen to even the most careful children. In the hustle and bustle of a child’s life, tooth trauma can happen while playing at the park or competing on a sports team. While it’s never a pleasan ...

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