Digital X-Rays

We believe in taking advantage of all the latest technology so that we can elevate the level of dental care your child receives. That includes using digital X-rays to spot problems so we can recommend treatment as early as possible. At Children’s Dentistry, your child’s safety and long-term dental health are our main concerns.

Is Digital Technology Safe?

digital x-raysDigital X-rays are safer than traditional X-rays. With digital machines, your child is exposed to the lowest level of radiation possible. In fact, digital technology reduces radiation exposure up to 80 percent because the digital machine can target the area we need to see, limiting radiation exposure to the rest of the body.

We believe that your children’s whole-body health is just as important as their dental health, and that’s why we elect to use digital machines. They’re a proven, safe way to get the information we need about your child’s teeth and jaw.

Why Are Digital X-Rays Better?

Besides using much less radiation, digital X-rays are much more comfortable. Remember when you used to have to wedge a piece of plastic in your mouth and bite down? Not so with digital technology. It makes the entire procedures much less stressful for both you and your kids.

Digital pictures are also much clearer, allowing us to get an in-depth look at your child’s tooth and jaw health. We can resize the images as needed to see the tiny details. We will even show you and your child the pictures so you can get an idea of what’s going on! This makes the X-ray procedure much more exciting and interesting for everyone.

Also, the data is processed right away, so we don’t have to wait for film to develop. We can immediately begin treating any issues that we identify. Better yet, we don’t have to use chemicals to process the X-ray results like we would with a traditional machine. That makes digital X-rays the environmentally friendly option.

When Are X-Rays Necessary?

For the most part, your child will not need X-rays taken at every appointment. At the first visit, we like to take X-rays so that we can find out what’s going on in our patients’ mouths, depending on their age. As time passes, we may only take X-rays at key stages of development.

We use digital X-rays as a diagnostic tool to make sure we are providing the most comprehensive care possible. If you have questions about the process, you can talk to us at any time. Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee, Washington, wants to make sure both parents and kids know what to expect when they visit our office.