Meet the Team at Children’s Dentistry

Misty Oden-Stentz – Team Leader

It’s hard for me to believe I have been with Children’s Dentistry since 1999!  Time passes so quickly when you do something that you love. Being a part of the same dental practice for so long has really given me the blessing of watching so many families grow throughout the years.  I love sharing my knowledge with young mothers as they navigate their way through their child’s first dental appointments.  Building a trusting relationship with a family is so important to me.  I want them to know they can always come to me with questions and have them answered promptly or just have a trusted listening ear if they have a concern.
I have a big beautiful blended family of six so I know personally what a busy mom life is like!  We live away from town with plenty of acreage for our large family to have room to run and play.  We love to be outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and spending time together as a family.

Claudia Villafuerte – Administrative Scheduler

I come from a background of working for 13 years in pediatrics. I have been in pediatric dentistry for 1 year now. I have 4 children and love working with our team and the homelike environment we’re in. Most of all I enjoy working around the kids! Seeing them come in with their big ol’ smiles as they walk thru the little door and making them feel comfortable and welcomed is what I love best about my job as a scheduler. I get to see them first, so having that first impression is so important! Spending time with family and friends and getting together with our team outside the office is what I enjoy when I’m not working. Working at Children’s Dentistry doesn’t just feel like a job, but like a family. Were always having a great time! Our office is filled with happiness and laughter. That is why I love it here!

Michelle Renteria – Administrative Scheduler

The best thing about working at Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee is being able to witness every child’s face when they run through our tiny door and they’re so happy to see us! I can tell by the look in their faces that they have had a great experience with our office, and it feels like they never want to leave! Outside of working, I spend a lot of time with my children exploring new places and foods. We enjoy a good book to read, a walk at the park or just a quiet day at home watching our favorite movies.

Elsa Bravo – Administrative Assistant

Elsa recently got into dentistry and is happy to be a part of the Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee family. She and enjoys helping families who speak English as a second language and translate to help explain their kid’s dental needs. As a mother to a 1 year old named Fabian, Elsa knows how busy being a mommy can be so she enjoys helping the families we serve. During her spare time Elsa enjoys playing race cars with her son and making him laugh. She enjoys eating sushi and trying a variety of different foods. When you come to. The office and are cavity free, ask for Elsa and she will do the floss dance with you.

Britney Cabrera – Restorative Dental Hygienist

As a registered dental hygienist and a mother of four, 2 boys and two and two girls, I know the importance education plays in raising cavity free kids!  I have been in the dental field for 9 years now and I enjoy being able to bring smiles to children’s faces every day!  I also enjoy restoring smiles and giving children and teens a fresh start through positive reinforcement, education and partnering with parents to develop a home hygiene plan tailored to their child.  I love working at Children’s Dentistry because I have the opportunity to bring fresh, healthy smiles to children every day! I studied at Wenatchee Valley College and earned my dental hygiene degree from Yakima Valley Community College.  My family and I enjoy playing outside, coaching and playing soccer.  We also enjoy movie nights at home and roasting marshmellows by the campfire.  Honestly, anything with my husband and children makes me happy!

Marjean Gutzweiler – Clinical Lead

Wow!  Its hard to believe but I have been in dentistry for 32 years now, 20 of it in children’s dentistry!  I’m a grandmother of 3, so I know the ins and outs of lovingly working with little ones.  When I think about my job, I say “what is there not to love about working with kids?”  They make you laugh everyday!  They trust you even though they don’t know you.  They are capable of so much more than we think they can do.  They have proven this to me day after day after day.  Outside the office I like to rest! Then once I’ve rested up, I am ready for the grand kids and family time.  I enjoy camping, visiting family back in Montana and walking the dogs!

Laura Guerrero – Registered Dental Assitant

I’m the one of the newer team members.  I have been in dentistry for one year and I love it! I learn everyday from my team mates and the kids that I work with.  They are so fun!  I have one son, Jeremias.  He is my special boy.  I love working the children!  It’s a very rewarding feeling to be able to be a part of making every child’s dental experience so great!  When your patient’s face light up because they’re excited for their appointment it is really a wonderful feeling!  Outside of the office I like spending time with my family as much as possible in my free time.  I also do community outreach for the office.  I enjoy being a part of our great community and setting up events where we are able to give back to the kids in our area.  We are involved in many activities throughout the year outside office where we are supporting local youth and events such as sport teams, fairs, the YMCA and school activities.  Our office makes it a priority to support the children that allow us to do what we do!

Lisa St. Clair – Registered Dental Assistant

I have been working in the field of dentistry for 19 years.  I can honestly say that each day has been a joy.  I love being silly with my kids.  I love making them smile.  Whether it’s asking them if they brought me a pickle, or a cup of coffee, just to see that look of surprise on their faces and break the tension it’s what I do best!  I love being able to teach a parent and child about what’s going on in their mouth starting at a young age and watch them take that education and grow into young adulthood.  It gives me great pride to see “my kids” grow up cavity free!  Outside of the office I like to read a good mystery, golf and visit with family.  There is something magical about seeing a patient who is nervous for their first visit and hear them tell their parent at the end of their appointment that they don’t want to leave.  In my heart then I know I’ve done my job well.

Stephanie Sproul – Registered Dental Assistant

I have worked both in children’s dentistry and in orthodontics for the last 6 years so I have a varied background of education and information to offer my patients. I love being able to make a difference in someone’s smile.  I like laughing and joking and helping our patients feel comfortable and at ease with dentistry.  A child that is relaxed is a child that will easily cooperate with dental treatment.  Outside of the office I love the sunshine!  I have two children.  We fish and swim as often as we can.  I’m a huge football fan.  I love watching my son play. The Seahawks are our favorite team.  We love going to games as well as watching our local Wenatchee high school team!

Darci Paquette – Registered Dental Assistant

I love working at Children’s Dentistry in Wenatchee. The best part is the interaction with the kids. Kids are so much fun, playful and say the funniest things. They make me smile.I have worked in dentistry for over 12 years and my goal every day is to create a positive dental experience. I get the most satisfaction out of helping those with dental anxiety through their treatment. When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons going boating, camping and mushroom picking. Other hobbies include reading, traveling, baking and basking in the sun.

Ana Garibay – Registered Dental Assistant

When asked what I love about my job, I say everything, but mostly our patients!  To hear them say how much they look forward to coming to their appointments is music to my ears!  I have been in children’s dentistry for 16 years so the experience I offer our patients and parents is vast.  I am bilingual and especially enjoy making all patients feel right at home in our office regardless of the language they speak.  Becoming a dental assistant was the best occupational choice ever!  It is so rewarding, on a daily basis!  Family time is definitely number one for me.  I also love to hike, take walks at the park and be my children’s number one cheerleader in all that they do!

Samantha Blackburn – Registered Dental Assistant

I have been working in dentistry for over a year now and I love working with an amazing team that cares for every patient that walks through our doors. I am passionate about teaching children healthy oral habits they can carry with them as they continue to grow. I love seeing children get excited to come see us because it shows me how well we do in making their visit to the dentist fun and comfortable!

Outside of work, I enjoy crafting projects, cooking and baking and spending time with my husband of ten years and my two amazing children Chloe and Chase.

Fun Fact: Sam grew up in this office as one of our patients!

Olivia Schroeder – Social Media Coordinator

I have been working in dentistry for 3 years and what I love about my job is seeing the joy on children’s faces and their happiness when they get to ring the cavity-free bell. I love Children’s Dentistry of Wenatchee and the community we serve, and I couldn’t be happier to work here. Outside of the office, I enjoy working out, painting and being outdoors.

Erika Leon – Sterilization Technician

Erika recently attended Central Washington School of Dental Assisting, where she became a Registered Dental Assistant. She is excited to be a part of the team and Children’s Dentistry family, where her boys have been treated for many years. Erika enjoys serving the community of Wenatchee and working with the staff who, support her being new in the field. She feels privileged to be working with and educating children about their dental health. When Erika is not working she is a busy mom of 3 boys who are passionate for soccer so they spend a lot of time traveling over the weekends to tournaments and games in the great state of Washington.

Dr. Mark Bottorff

Dr. Mark is an office based anesthesiologist. His gentle manner and caring approach help children of all ages feel comfortable in his care. He puts children at ease by building an instant rapport with them. Dr. Mark has a wife and two sons. In his free times he enjoys the outdoors with them.

Tooth Fairy

I’ve worked in dentistry since the beginning of time! I give tooth care tips to all of my friends and spread fairy magic all throughout the land. I love to dance and do the “fairy pokie” whenever someone loses a tooth. It’s my favorite dance! Outside of giving tooth tips, I enjoy spending time with unicorns. The dentist has said I need a crown and I couldn’t agree more.

Schroeder Bear and the Children’s Dentistry SmileBugg

Schroeder the Brushing Bear is a huggable, lovable bear who reminds you to brush and floss every day. He is always happy and loves to dance, especially to brushing songs. Schroeder Bear thinks you are never too young or too old to get a great, big bear hug! You might see him around town giving hugs and high fives to children and adults of all ages. The SmileBugg is the #1 ambassador of fun and smiles at Wenatchee Children’s Dentistry! The SmileBugg is always on patrol for smiles, spreading cheer wherever it goes. It reminds us to keep a happy attitude by spreading smiles, joy, and laughter wherever you go. When you see the SmileBugg’s colorful, sparkling smile be sure to wave, say “hello!”

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